Rock Publicity :: 60 Day Challenge


Rock Publicity :: 60 Day Challenge


(And boosting my karma by doing some good for charitable causes)

In 2007, I started a company -- one of the first digital marketing agencies of its kind in the world. I had no experience. I had no formal training. And I had around $500 in my bank account to do it.

But I set myself goals, and pushed myself hard. I had nothing to lose.

The result? In under a year, I'd generated over $1,000,000 USD in sales, almost completely on my own. And although I sold that company in 2012, I've kept on doing what I do best.

In the last 7 years I've worked with some of the biggest companies and entertainers on the planet, helping them reach more people, sell more, generate more exposure, been seen by more people online, or generate a ton more revenue via social media or digital marketing.

Since 2007, I've donated donated a portion of everything I've earned to charity. But I wanted to do more, as well as challenge myself to do something I hadn't done before.


I made a decision!

I have two months off until I have to be in Iceland to start a new contracted job. I'm currently in Singapore with $500 -- I want you to help me earn my way around the world, while I raise money for charitable causes. Causes that YOU can have a say in by chatting to me on Twitter.

Here's exactly what I'm doing...

1. Giving myself the same $500 budget I had
when I started back in 2007

When I began as an entrepreneur, I had just under $500 in my bank account. I'm giving myself the exact same budget to completely start over again. And I'm doing it while completely out of my comfort zone, travelling the world with almost no money, starting in a foreign country.

2. Throw in some rules...

I have to earn my way through the entire challenge with new business. I can't rely on any of my existing client's retainers, or what I have in the bank, or credit cards. My money is untouchable.

I have to do all of this while living the life of  backpacking entrepreneur, paying my way around the planet while I do it, by asking people to pay me for my skills, so I have money to keep going.

Attempt to see at least 25 countries in the next 60 days, making my way to Iceland, all the way from Singapore.

Lastly, I have to generate all the exposure for this challenge via word-of-mouth or social media only. I can't advertise myself -- I have to rely on people's generosity to share the word of what I'm doing for me.

3. Do some good for charity while I'm at it

I'm donating 50% of everything I earn during the next 60 days to charity.

On top of this, every single legitimate business enquiry in working with me during this challenge will mean me donating $25 of my own money to charity as well -- even if that enquiry doesn't result in new business.

4. See what I can achieve in 60 days

I want this to be something I remember for the rest of my life. And it likely will be -- after all, how many times in the average lifetime does someone give themselves $500 to earn themselves around the planet?

But on top of that, I want to see what the generosity and kindness of people can achieve on social media, and what people are prepared to do to help spread the word of a cause.

Now I need your help...


Get Involved


Get Involved



Every bit of exposure I'm generating while I do this will be via word of mouth alone -- I'm not relying on my existing clients, or paid advertising. To help me do this, I'll need you to help spread the word -- every little bit helps.

So tweet about me, get involved on my Facebook page, or connect on LinkedIn. And remember, tag the social media profiles above when you do it.

Even better, share this page using one of the following buttons...


I normally work with some of the biggest companies in the world, though I'm cutting my rates MASSIVELY to give every individual, entrepreneur, businessperson or enterprise the chance to work with someone normally out of their reach.

But, you don't even have to work with me to do something good -- all you have to do is ask about how I could possibly help your business and the world will become a better place. Seriously.

For every legitimate business inquiry I get during my 60 day challenge, I'll donate $25 to charity. Yes, even if you don't hire me. Email me, find out how I could help your business and I WILL PULL $25 out of my own pocket and add it to the charity pool I'm going to donate at the end of my challenge.

So, know someone who owns their own business? Are you en entrepreneur yourself? Have friends or family who could hire me? Tell them to get in touch.

The only reason you wouldn't do this is if you're the kind of mean person who hates puppies. Or kittens.


Here's where you can REALLY help me get through this 60 days. If you feel that my incredible skills (yes, I'm extremely modest) can help you, you should hire me.

Not only will 50% of everything I earn go to charity, but you'll be getting some world-class experience and training on your side. And everything I do is always guaranteed, so if for some reason you don't get the bang-for-buck I promise you, we'll keep working together until you do.

Learn more about why hiring me may be a good idea...


Why Should You Hire Me?


Why Should You Hire Me?


(Unfortunately, not as awesome as Liam Neeson's skills in "Taken")

I work in digital marketing. I help businesses, individuals and companies sell more, reach more people, and generate a ton more revenue online than they already are.

You already know that I generated $1 million plus in sales online in my first year of business on my own, but you shouldn't take my word for it. While I'm great at blabbing about myself, here's what a few people have said about me in the past...


Alright, so some people have said some words. People say words all the time.

What about who I've worked with over the years, and who I've called my clients? Here are a few of those names...

Still not enough? Are you the kind of person who screams "MORE!" even after watching all six Fast and Furious movies back-to-back?

If that's the case, check out my resume, and the case study of my most recent corporate client just below...


I haven't written a resume since I was 21. But for those of you who may need a little more information before hiring me, here's a one-page overview I prepared for your reading pleasure.


I can talk all I want about who I've worked with, but if we're honest it's the results you're interested in. Here's a brief case study of my most recent client, Iceland's Secret Solstice music festival.

Enough for you?

I hope so, because there's not much else I can tell you without this turning into a short novel.

With that all said, there's only one thing left to do...


Support My Challenge


Support My Challenge

Time to hire me!

I can't get through this 60 day challenge without you hiring me, or referring me to someone you know who may. And this is the best chance you've ever had to do that, even if you normally couldn't afford me.

Normally, I charge between $2,500-$7,500 for monthly retainers, and don't take on any kind of one-off job for less than $10K. However, I can't rely on waiting for big fish to come along. I need to eat... and get halfway around the globe.

I'm making this easy for everyone.

Regardless of the type of business you are, what you do, your revenue, size, or anything else, you can hire me to make your digital marketing and promotion kick ass for just $888 over the next 60 days.

If I don't help your company, business, enterprise, or whatever it is you do sell a TON more things, generate a BUTTLOAD (that's a technical term) more revenue, reach a MASSIVE number of new people, or IMMENSELY grow your audience, I will eat my own face. Literally.

(Not literally, that would be stupid).


50% of EVERYTHING I earn while doing this 60 day challenge, as well as $25 just for an inquiry into my services (ie; EMAIL ME NOW and find out what I can do for you), will go to charity at the end of the 60 days. So help me, and do some good for the world as well.




IDEAL FOR: Bloggers, small businesses, local business, entrepreneurs or individuals, companies, celebrities, speakers, startups, musicians/bands, authors, small budgets, web celebrities (ie; YouTube stars), photographers, artists, businesses with no existing digital marketing strategy or presence, or anyone selling anything online!

WHAT YOU'RE GETTING: An awesome one-on-one phonecall from me, from wherever I am in the world to thank you for helping me, as well as doing some good stuff 

NO, WHAT AM I REALLY GETTING: On the call, we'll discuss your business, who you are, what you do, and your goals. I'll find out everything I can about your operation and how I think I can help. From there, I'll begin to tailor a hard-hitting digital marketing strategy for you to help you reach more new customers online, increase your audience immensely, sell more products, or get more customers through the door of your business. I'm the guy who turned $500 into over $1 million in online sales in my first year, so I'm pretty sure I can help you. I'll share with you some of my most guarded secrets of promoting your brand online, the right ways to promote your brand or business, the tactics you should be using on social media every day, and everything in between, all tailored specifically to you and what you do. I'll train you or your staff on how to get the best results, come up with targeted online ad campaigns for you, and reveal the secrets of showing your products or services in front of your competitors customers online. On top of that, you'll also have complete access to me for any follow-up, questions, or whatever else you need from me until the end of my 60 day challenge.

Sound good? You bet it does!

Of course, if you have any questions -- anything at all -- please feel free to contact me here and I'll help you the best I can. And just for the enquiry, I'll pull $25 out of my own pocket to go to charity.

If you're ready to help me on my journey around the world, while getting some incredible world-class support, advice and marketing power for your business, you can go ahead and click the button below right now and we can get started together.


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Can't hire me?

No problem. I still like you. We can still be friends.

But I'd really love it if you could share this page to help me spread the word of this challenge over the next 60 days. If you don't, I may have trouble getting to Iceland, and we won't raise as much $$$ for charity. Simple.

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